Irish Championships 2013 3
Table White   Score Black   Score


1 6 Redmond, John P. 2 2 FM Fitzsimons, David 2

2 15 Hughes, John L 1.5 10 Quinn, Rory 2

3 5 O’Cinneide, Mel 1.5 4 IM Orr, Mark J L 1.5

4 1 FM Daly, Colm 1 12 Fox, Anthony 1

5 3 FM Short, Philip M 1 11 Quinn, Ciaran 1

6 8 Walsh, Paul 1 14 CM MacElligott, Gerard 1

7 9 Delaney, Killian 1 16 O’Rourke, Ray 1

8 7 O’Connor, Jonathan 0.5 17 Cormican, John 0.5

9 13 Freeman, Gordon 0.5 18 Crichton, Martin 0.5

10 19 O`Grady, Martin 0 21 O`Flaherty, Kevin 0

0 20 Twomey, Pat 0

0.5 forf.


Irish Championships – Games

On July 7, 2013, in Irish Chess Union, by Rory Delaney

Round 1 – PGN here: Irish Championships R1

Irish Championships 2013 2
Table White Score Black Score Result
1 FM Fitzsimons, David 1 Walsh, Paul 1
2 Quinn, Rory 1 FM Short, Philip M 1
3 Redmond, John P. 1 Delaney, Killian 1
4 Quinn, Ciaran 1 O’Cinneide, Mel 0.5
5 IM Orr, Mark J L 0.5 O’Connor, Jonathan 0.5
6 Hughes, John L 0.5 Freeman, Gordon 0.5
7 Crichton, Martin 0.5 FM Daly, Colm 0
8 O`Grady, Martin 0 Fox, Anthony 0
9 CM MacElligott, Gerard 0 Twomey, Pat 0
10 O`Flaherty, Kevin 0 O’Rourke, Ray 0
Cormican, John 0 0.5 forf.

The pairings for Round 1  of the Irish Championships are below with seeding based on the June FIDE Rating list. The top 8 boards will be broadcast live.

Please note that the default time is 1 hour from the scheduled start time of each round.

Irish Championships 2013 Round: 1
Table White   Score Black   Score


1 1 FM Daly, Colm 0 11 Quinn, Ciaran 0
2 12 Fox, Anthony 0 2 FM Fitzsimons, David 0
3 3 FM Short, Philip M 0 13 CM MacElligott, Gerard 0
4 14 Freeman, Gordon 0 4 IM Orr, Mark J L 0
5 5 O’Cinneide, Mel 0 15 Hughes, John L 0
6 16 O’Rourke, Ray 0 6 Redmond, John P. 0
7 7 O’Connor, Jonathan 0 17 Crichton, Martin 0
8 18 Cormican, John 0 8 Walsh, Paul 0
9 9 Delaney, Killian 0 19 O`Grady, Martin 0
10 20 Twomey, Pat 0 10 Quinn, Rory 0

Venue and Accommodation

On July 3, 2013, in UL Chess, by Kevin O'Flaherty

Playing Venue

The Students’ Union is the location of Round 1 of the Women’s championships. Rounds 2-5 will take place in the PESS building.

The Physical Education and Sports Sciences (PESS) building is the location of the Irish Championships from Saturday the 6th until Sunday the 14th.



On Campus Accommodation

The on-campus accommodation is the Drumroe Student Village (description here:

Additionally a virtual tour of the rooms can be found here:


Each apartment has it’s own en-suite and double bed. The rooms come with bed sheets/etc and some toiletries. Reception is open from 8am to 8pm daily if you are arriving outside of these hours, please contact to let them know.



For anyone driving and taking part in any event taking place on a Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm; you will need to park in location 2, 23 or 30 (see map below) as on campus security can clamp people.


During the weekenders or the women’s championships; you can park in any car park and car park 20 is recommended.


A map of the campus can be found at


Building 26 is the on-campus apartments (A on the google map – see below)

Building 19 is the playing venue (B on the google map – see below)

Building 16 is where round 1 of the womens championship will take place along with a restaurant and a shop (C on the google map – see below)
If you have any problems please contact or ring 085 1429111

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Irish Championships Extended entry

On July 1, 2013, in UL Chess, by Kevin O'Flaherty

The Irish Chess Championships is accepting entries for the Main event until Thursday the 4th of July at 5pm. The entry fee has been reduced for players rated between 1800-2000 to €50. Any player who has entered already and paid €100 will be reimbursed €50 on the day This is the last chance to enter the main event.

The FIDE course and ICU CI and SI courses have a deadline of Wednesday the 3rd of July, spaces are limited!


Centenary of the Irish Championships

On June 12, 2013, in UL Chess, by Kevin O'Flaherty

Any player rated above 2240 entered to play in the Irish Championships (in the June FIDE rating list) are being offered a €100 cash incentive to play in the centenary Irish Championships taking place in Limerick from July 6th – 14th.


Additionally to mark the centenary; all previous winners of the Irish Championships are invited to play in the event free of charge (Please email to enter).


The deadline to register for the Irish Championships is the 28th of June. The late fee deadline has been extended until the 28th of June.


After this date a late fee will be applied to the AM/PM and Weekender tournaments and you will not be allowed to register to play in the Irish Championships.


Players so far!

On June 7, 2013, in UL Chess, by Kevin O'Flaherty

The names and ratings of the players entered so far can be found under the relevant sections above. If you have entered and you aren’t listed on the website, please contact immediately!

Number of players Average rating Total minimum prize pool
Irish Championships 21 2098 3000
Women’s 5  0 150
AM 16 1442 400
PM 19 1456 400
Open 10 1496 400
Intermediate 18 1612 400
Juniors 24 1043 400

The Irish Championships and other tournaments will be played 6-14 July. Click one of the event links above for more information.

A FIDE Trainers’ Seminar (8-12 July) and two ICU trainer courses (6-7 & 13-14 July) will be held at the same time.

Click the training courses link above for more information about the Trainers’ Seminar or the ICU trainer courses.


An agenda can be seen below




University of Limerick to host the 2013 Intervarsities!

On January 8, 2013, in UL Chess, by Kevin O'Flaherty

The University of Limerick is pleased to announce the hosting of this years Irish Chess Intervarsities.


The fee is €10 per student and the event takes place on the 9th of March.


Visit for more information!