The weekender consists of 3 FIDE rated tournaments taking place on Friday the 12th until Sunday the 14th of July; the Open, Intermediate (1500-1900) and Junior (<1500) Sections.


The start times are as follows:

7.30pm start on Friday 12th of July

10am and 3pm Saturday 13th of July

9.30am and 2.30pm Sunday 14th of July


Each round is 90 minutes with a 30 second increment per move

The Open is open to all players of any rating. The Intermediate is limited to players rated 1500-1900 while the Juniors is limited to players rated 1500 and below. The Weekender tournaments are open to players from any federation

Prize-pool is dependent on entries.

Entry costs €30 per person with a late fee for entries AFTER June 28th (at €10 per person). Entry to the weekender is free if you enter the AM and PM tournament (Monday 8th – Friday 12th).

Entries so far


First Name Last Name Rating
Valentine Kalinins 2194
Liam O’Brien 1923
James Danaher 1748
Len Hackett 1705
Patrick Divilly 1489
Anne Coughlan 1482
Philip Foenander 1446
Fiachra Scallan 1272
Ron Cummins 1264
David Halpenny 1184
Shane Sheedy 1182
Matthew Gallagher 1092



First Name Last Name Rating
Henk De Jonge 1944
Carl Jackson 1932
Pat Fitzsimons 1815
Daniel Mallaghan 1738
Len Hackett 1705
Cecil Sloan 1700
Mark Halley 1668
Keegan O’Mahoney 1667
Thomas Dunne 1582
Geoffrey Keating 1563
Paul Ward 1551
Sarah Jane Hearne 1550
Denis O’Connell 1486
Barry Foran 1473
Kevin Foley 1431
Catherine Hearne 1421
Sean McLoughlin 1398
Ross Beatty** 1341
Tom O’Gorman 1328

** This player has had a rating performance of 1500+ in the last 6 months.



First Name Last Name Rating
Kenneth Higgins 1442
Martin Kelly 1349
Pat McCarrick 1344
John P. Dunne 1271
Luke Scott 1205
Emmet Mordaunt 1199
Cathal Murphy 1197
Maurice Coveney 1192
Stefan Baczkowski 1164
Jeffery Alfred 1148
Eric James Salsac 1111
Aaron Daly 1076
Robert McLoughlin 1059
Desmond Martin 1007
Killian Burke 1005
Alice O’Gorman 944
Adam J. Deane 930
Alan John Salsac 880
Matt Burke 857
William Gallagher 846
Noel Keating 816
Claire McCarrick 805
Saoirse McLoughlin 727
Piotr Baczkowski 714
Dylan Foley 700
Dovydas Pocevicius 0
Gabrielius Pocevicius 0
Sean Hunter 0
Andrew Jordan 0
Enda Sheehy 0
Cornelius Kirby 0
Santos Kumar 0
Edward Blackwell 0

34 Responses to Weekender

  1. shahram nikrow says:

    Intermediate section is supposed to be for those rated between 1500-1900 section and yet 2 out 4 people registered here do not qualify and one is rated 200 points below minimum qualification , I played in ennis open recently and in limerick open last year , but this is putting me off coming to this tournament now

    • Hi Shahram,

      I didn’t notice that; thanks for letting me know. People give the section they want to enter into as they pay. The list was generated from that. It is being corrected.

      Denis won the juniors last year and as such he is allowed to play in the intermediate.

  2. shahram nikrow says:

    Thanks for the reply , alot of organizers allow players to play up in a section if within 50 or 100 points of threshold but 200 points is too much unless players has great recent performance , you can always merge open & intermediate sections if numbers are not high , if I can get some one to cover me for work I will come.

  3. Phillip Foenander says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I entered the AM/PM tournaments. Kindly also include my name in the weekender which I forgot to enter. Thx
    Regs, Phillip

  4. Carl Jackson says:

    Hi Kev,

    I just entered the am/pm/weekenders but I don’t think I stipulated which weekender I was playing in, do you need me to pick one now? Im eligible to play either the intermediate or the open.


  5. Conor Barrett says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Just wondering how i would go about booking on campus accommodation for the friday, saturday and sunday nights so i can compete in the weekender?


    • Hi Conor,

      You can use the additional nights option on the payment option.

      You put a quantity of 2 (friday night and saturday night) and when you have the option to give instructions to the seller you fill in the dates you want them for.



  6. luke scott says:

    Was just wondering about the on campus accommodation.
    If two people are going to stay is it €35 for one room and one night or €70.

  7. martin crichton says:

    The late fee deadline has been extended according to the ICU website…extract below….

    The deadline to register for the Irish Championships is the 28th of June. The late fee deadline has been extended until the 28th of June.

    After this date a late fee will be applied to the AM/PM and Weekender tournaments and you will not be allowed to register to play in the Irish Championships.


  8. Keegan O'Mahoney says:

    Repeating what’s already been said, but I don’t think it’s fair on the rest of the players that someone rated 1301 should be allowed to play in the intermediate section.

  9. luke scott says:

    I registered for the junior section a few days ago with my farther’s paypal, if you could kindly add me to list please.
    Luke Scott ICU No. 13306 Rating: 1230

  10. James Danaher says:

    Hi kev,
    Is there 54 entries into the open? If so can you add their name’s to the list please
    Thanks James

  11. Desmond Martin says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Just entered the weekender junior. Dont see it on the list.


    Desmond Martin

  12. William Gallagher says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Just paid for my son, Matthew Gallagher, and I for Weekender tournament. Can you enter him into Open and me into Junior?


    William Gallagher

  13. Adam J Deane says:

    Hi Kevin

    You entered my son Adam J Deane into the wrong event we registered him to play in the juniors section for the weekender , not the Am/Pm event.

    Thanks Amanda

  14. Shane Sheedy says:


    I entered the am and pm tournaments there would it be possible for you to put me into the open as well for the weekender please.


    Shane Sheedy

  15. sean mcloughlin says:

    Hi Kevin
    I was wondering if you could register me for the intermediate section,my dad(Robert McLoughlin 1059) and sister(Saoirse McLoughlin 727) for the junior section.We will then give you the money on friday as we are finding it difficult to register online.

  16. Brian O'Gorman says:

    Kevin, could you please regiser my son Tom (ICU 13368, rating 1328) for the open weekender and my daughter Alice (ICU 13408, rating 944) for the weekender junior section. My wife will be travelling with them and will pay you the entry fee on Friday when they arrive. Thank you. Brian

  17. Jan Heinrich says:

    Hi, Kevin,
    is it possible to apply 2 Charleville players into weekender?

    1. EDWARD BLACKWELL – Junior section, no rating yet, played in Bunratty this year

    2. KEVIN FOLEY – Intermediate if possible, if not so Junior section. Probably he is not listed on ICU rating site, his playing strenght is about 1600. He was inactive for many years, but played last season for Charleville team in North Munster League and got a few rated games.

    Players will pay entry fee before 1st round, is that OK?

  18. Jan Heinrich says:

    OK, thanks

  19. William Gallagher says:

    Dear Kevin,

    Matthew Gallagher (Open competition) and I (Junior competition) will need a travelling bye for Round 1. We are coming up late on Friday night. Can you confirm this is OK? Thanks.



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