Irish Chess Championships

The Irish Chess Championships will take place from the 6th to the 14th of July. Events include The Irish Championship, The Irish Women’s Championship, Open, Intermediate and Juniors Championship, ICU Instructor and FIDE Trainer Courses. More details are below:


This competition will take place in the PESS building on the University of Limerick main campus from the 6th to the 14th of July.



On Campus Apartments

€35 per person per night.

This is a self-catering apartment with a communal area and 6/8 separate bedrooms. Each bedroom has a double bed and has an en-suite.

To book, use the drop down box on the right hand side of the page.


Castletroy Park Hotel
This hotel is located 5 minute walk from the venue. €69 per room per night for a room with a double bed and a single bed. Contact Monica Gilmore on 061 335566 or at


Entry Fees

Irish Championships: Free for players rated 2100+, €50 for players rated above 2000 and €100 for players rated between 1800 and 2000

5 day AM tournament: €30

5 day PM tournament: €30

Weekender tournament: €30

FIDE Trainer: €300

ICU Instructor Courses: €80

If you register for both the AM and PM tournaments, you get free entry into the weekender.

Entries received after June 8th will incur a late fee of €10 per tournament.



If you want to pay by a different method or if you want further information, contact the UL Chess Club at or the ICU tournament director at


A big thank you to our sponsors: Blackthorne Transport and Ulsterbank.

41 Responses to Irish Chess Championships

  1. deswmond martin says:

    Hi, Congrads on getting the Irish Championships.
    I was wondering what are the grading bands.

    yours in chess

    Desmond Martin

    • The rating bands for the weekend will be up by the end of this week. The main event is above 1800 as far as I remember but I will double check for you and put it on the page as soon as possible.

      The AM and PM tournaments are open tournaments.

  2. Joe Fahey says:

    What is AM and PM and What is the prizefund in general, and for each section. When will there be actual details about the tournament?

    • The AM and PM tournaments are 5 day events with the AM having rounds starting at 9.30AM and finishing before the Irish Championships and the PM tournament. The PM tournament will start at the same time as the Irish Championships.

      It is hoped that players in the Irish Championships who want to practice an opening before playing in the Irish Championships could do so in the AM tournament. This would also allow players who didn’t qualify for the Irish Championships a chance to play some individuals at the same time too.

      Details will be on the site (along with entry forms) by Sunday night. Some information needs to be fully clarified by the ICU executive (prize fund, etc) and when the information is available it will be on the site.

  3. Are there two weekenders or one? Does it (they) take place on 6 and 7 and or on 13 and 14?
    What is the time control for the weekender(s)? How many games in a day? How many sections? Any other information would be welcome.
    Fast reply appreciated. Thanks.

    • We haven’t finalised the time control yet, however it will be finalised by Friday the latest.

      The weekender will have 1 game on Friday evening (about 7.30pm) , 3 games on Saturday (from about 9.30am, 2.30pm and 7.30pm)and 2 games on Sunday (9am and 2pm). We aren’t sure about sections as we might have an Intermediate and Minor championships during the weekender or combine it with the PM tournament.

      All information will be put on the site as soon as it is finalised which will be Sunday the latest. Sorry for the delay!

  4. Rory Quinn says:

    Kevin, congrats on bringing the Irish championships back to the midWest! Its 2000 since it was last played here if memory serves. Just wondering have the round times been finalised for the main event yet, don’t seem them anywhere on the site.

  5. Martin Crichton says:

    Hi Kevin
    can you advise on the best way to get to the venue from Shannon airport? (I am assuming that’s the closest airport?) Also is there a link somewhere to see what the student apartments look like? Also can you confirm the round times? particularly the last round…traditionally starts early 10 or 11 am to facilitate those travelling from long distances.

    • Details about final round times,etc will be confirmed by Sunday the latest.

      Shannon airport is indeed the closest and there are many options to go from shannon to UL. JJ Kavanagh operate one from shannon to UL, bus eireann also operate a regular service from shannon to limerick city (51 bus) where the bus from limerick city will take you to UL.

      I will update the information on this page to reflect this along with options from Dublin Airport and other airports.

  6. martin crichton says:

    here is a link to coaches to and from shannon airport to UOL

    I am seriously considering playing.

  7. martin crichton says:

    I hope to do some trout fishing while there as there are rivers on the doorstep…would appreciate if any local anglers would get in touch ..looks like a fantastic chess / fishing holiday for me…and low waters in July are ideal for worming for trout.

  8. Shane Lee says:

    Venue looks very impressive. With those attractive rates I hope you will get a good few emigrants back to shake things up. Good to see timely planning too, increases the chances of success no end.

  9. Keegan O'Mahoney says:

    Are any of the tournaments FIDE rated(besides the main championship itself). And also, if you’re rating is 1800+ in the ICU May rating list are you eligible to play in the main championship?

  10. martin crichton says:

    Hi Kevin
    the campus is massive with 5 student residences spread over the whole campus…. where are the chess players likely to be housed? Also can you advise firsthand of your opinion of the accomodation? Are the individual rooms reasonably soundproofed from the neighbouring rooms? (I like a quiet room)
    here is a link to some photos of the living bridge (will give people some perspective of the size of the campus)

  11. Bernd Thee says:

    HI Kevin I am just wondering about the Sept. 2012 rule.
    I only got my first fide rating Jan. this year (2096)
    Does it mean I wouldn’t be able to play in main event?

  12. Brendan O'Gorman says:

    Are there five rounds or six in the weekender ? There’s conflicting info on the web page. If there are three rounds on the Saturday, is it possible to have a half point bye on the Saturday evening?

  13. Brendan O'Gorman says:

    Can’t find a payment option for the weekender only – am I missing something?

  14. Hi Kevin – What dates for the U1500 & U1900 Championships?

    Best of luck for the tournament…


  15. Denis O'Connell says:

    Hi Kevin, the Junior and Intermediate Championships are listed above but no dates given for them. Could you please confirm if they are being held this year? in previous years, they were held at teh same time as the main Irish Chess Championship?


  16. Can you tell me how on Earth can I find the results of Irish National Team Chess Championship? I’m intrested about MF Daianu(probably played for Adare)…

  17. Gordon says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Am I entered? I sent my entry to the email address above.

  18. [...] which this year take place in University of Limerick. Information about the tournament can be found here. There are 13 entries in the main event so far and there will surely be a few more by the time the [...]

  19. Hannu Nummela says:

    Hello, I’m from Finland. Can I play?

    • Hi Hannu,

      Which tournament would you be interested in playing in? The Main event you wouldn’t be able to participate in; however you would be able to compete in the other tournaments.



  20. Keegan O'Mahoney says:

    Just wondering, does the campus accomodation/playing venue have wifi?

    • The on-campus accommodation doesn’t normally, however we are looking to install a wireless router to provide this facility (this might be against UL regulations and we mightn’t be able to).

      There is a wired connection in each room which can get speeds of 100mb/s

      There is wifi in the building of the playing area.

  21. sean mcloughlin says:

    Hi Kevin
    My name is Sean Mcloughlin I am rated 1398 ICU and I have played up in my last 3 tournaments,I was wondering could I play in the intermediate section.

    • Hi Sean,

      1400 is the cut off we are using for the intermediate section; however as you are so close to the cut off I’ve looked at your previous games this season.

      I can see that you played in the malahide tournament, cork and the LCU division with a performance above 1500.

      You can play in the intermediate section.



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